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Operations Technician

Zaměstnavatel: ITM8 s.r.o.
Bucharova 1281

Rysková Martina Ing., e-mail: marys@itm8.com

Práce provozního technika obnáší odpovědnost za poskytování provozní podpory na koncových řešeních pro naše zákazníky z Dánska i ze zahraničí v to v rámci služby 24/7 (ranní, odpolední, noční a víkendové směny).

About the job
As Operations Technician you will be responsible for providing operational support on back-end solutions for our customers from both Denmark and abroad.
The Operations Center is a 24/7 department, which is why we are always available for our customers. We provide a fast and professional response, and we solve many of the cases that come in from our customers regularly. We handle technical tasks across platforms and domains, and we are responsible for monitoring and patching our servers. Those cases that require deeper specialist knowledge and longer turnaround times are passed on to our in-house technical teams of experts.
Your responsibilities:
" resolving technical issues from start to finish, supported by our large knowledge bank within the team
" colleagues as well as the other tech teams, so you will be constantly kept up to date with the latest knowledge and technology.

What do you bring?
You take pride in delivering service and solutions at a high level - and you know that this requires a proactive and persistent approach to tasks.
" Knowledge of Windows Server administration, and in particular the associated roles
" Understanding of how to uncover a problem so that troubleshooting and possible escalation is done optimally
" Knowledge of written and spoken English (no certificate is required)
" Kno

Operations Technician
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