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Specialist systému pro správu obsahu

Zaměstnavatel: Tacema International s.r.o.
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CMS Specialist - WordPress, Tilda, Shopify
For this position, you will need a fairly good overview of technology, experience with programming (practical or theoretical), and an understanding of how users behave on the web. You'll be in close contact with different departments, so "people skills" would be nice.
What will you be in charge of?
-Develop website concepts and sketches for our clients
-Creating websites using WordPress, Tilda, and Shopify
-Maintain existing websites
-Secondary vocational or general education, university education is an advantage.
-Practical experience and a general overview of (and natural interest in) Internet technologies.
-Good understanding of UI/UX (web and other user interfaces).
-Very good technological background (basic knowledge of HTML).
-Knowledge of and experience working in the CMS or other content management systems an advantage.
-Ability to work well with language and contribute to content creation.
-Customer orientation and customer experience.
-Critical thinking, creative and innovative potential.
-Independence, reliability, diligence, teamwork.
-Good communication and coordination skills.
-Communication skills in English

Specialist systému pro správu obsahu
Kontaktní osoba: Alena Gudovich
Telefon: +420 777 240 177
Reagovat: odeslat životopis zaměstnavateli
Pracovního vztahu: Pracovní poměr - plný úvazek
Pozice určená pro region: Praha