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  • Specialisté v oblasti testování softwaru a příbuzní pracovníci 

Specialisté v oblasti testování softwaru a příbuzní pracovníci

Zaměstnavatel: Aevi CZ s.r.o.
Laurinova 2800

Exercise good judgment in weighing the forces involved in determining software readiness
o Able to build clear, concise, and complete test-related documentation as necessary
o Ensure manual and automated tests cover all features of the product (happy path and edge cases) and get the approval from all stakeholders
o Troubleshoot production issues by reproducing it in test environment and verifying the same
o Work within a highly collaborative environment where developers, testers and the business work together as a team to deliver the best possible software
o Escalate issues which affect productivity and quality promptly
o Be involved in End to End testing with multiple teams before deployment to Production
Relevant Degree in a technical/engineering or business management study or equivalent skills/knowledge gained through work experience
o Experience with Test tools like Zephyr, JIRA and Confluence
o Proven work experience in software development
o Proven work experience in software quality assurance
o Sound knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
o Fluent in English
Jump into your new career and be a part of an international work family, with great perks like flexible ways to work and self-development at your own pace. And of course we have benefits like yearly bonuses, adequate IT equipment, endless supplies of Nespresso of fruit Mondays. To support our AEVIators in home offices, we have bunch of online events and activities to stay in touch

Specialisté v oblasti testování softwaru a příbuzní pracovníci
Kontaktní osoba: Monika Zemkova
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Pracovního vztahu: Pracovní poměr - plný úvazek
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